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Country of manufacture:Italy
Type Ardent cutting
Power from 160,00 kW
Scope Industrial
Weight 140,0 kg
Width 465 mm
Depth 720 mm
Height 965 mm
Guarantee 12 months

The three-phase source of the chopperny choppeg type working with various tension of PLASMA PROF 163 ACC, an art. 957, thanks to high power (160A at 40%), and also to use of a new torch of CP161, provide outstanding productivity when cutting metal: the recommended thickness for the best quality of cutting and productivity is equal to 40 mm; the maximum thickness is 45 mm and extreme thickness is 50 mm. Maximum thickness of a punched hole of a continuous element of 20 mm. High rates of a continuous cycle (95A of al of 100%) and speeds of cutting made PLASMA PROF 163 ACC the ideal equipment for use on productions of the average size.

Main characteristics:

  • Continuous monitoring of supply voltage, verification of malfunctions (for example, a mark of existence of a phase) and reduction of the power supply in a safe state.
  • Adjustment and check of pressure of air with digital indication of optimum value on the display of the forward panel, depending on current and length of a torch.
  • The Post-gas function which cools a torch after switching off of an arch that promotes undervoltage of components of a torch and allows to increase service life of expendables.
  • Ignition of an arch with high frequency that guarantees reliable excitement of an arch on duty.
  • The reduced wear of an electrode of a nozzle.
  • The central fastening of a torch with the protection device for the prevention of casual contact with the parts which are energized.
  • Explosion-proof execution of the block of a reducer of air.
  • The mode for witness marks (Gouging) which can be chosen on the forward panel.
  • The function of automatic restart of an arch (Self Restagt) on duty chosen directly from the control panel which automatically interrupts and restores an arch when cutting grids and lattices
  • Display on the display of current of cutting and the corresponding diameter of a nozzle which will be used.
  • The RS232 socket on the forward panel for updating or setting up the software.
  • Length of a hose of 6 or 12 m is delivered complete with CP161 MAR torch, for manual or machine cutting.
  • The art is prepared for work with a pantograph via the analog interface. 108 (option) and high-frequency remote block art. 481 (option) to receive the maximum total length of a hose of a torch, equal 22 m
  • Automatic recognition of torches: CP161 MAR/DAR/DAR+HV14
  • The Chopperny technology and working frequency are 17 kHz.

Conforms to the EN 61000 3 - 12 standard

Technical characteristics

220/230-400V 415/440V 50/60 Hz ± 10% Three-phase food
220-230V 50 A;
400-415/440V 30 A
Safety lock with a srabatyvayeniye delay
27 KVA 40%
22 KVA 60%
16 KVA 100%
Power consumption
20A ÷ 160A Range of adjustment of current
160A 40%
120A 60%
95A 100%
Coefficient of a running cycle (10 min. 400C) according to the IEC 60974.1 standard
ELECTRONIC Stepless regulation
40-45-(50) mm
1 "2/3-1" 3/4-(2")
Steel thickness: recommended - maximum - limit
220 lt/min - 5 bar Air consumption
IP 21 S Protection class
Country of manufacture:Italy
Information is up-to-date: 11.06.2021

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