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Protective gas mixes TU 2114-004-00204760-99

Protective gas mixes TU 2114-004-00204760-99
  • Protective gas mixes TU 2114-004-00204760-99
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Brand:Center of Welding Technologies
Country of manufacture:Uzbekistan

"K-18" is a mix of 82% of argon and 18% of carbon dioxide. Gas mix, K-18 (18% of CO2+Ar), TU 2114-004-00204760-99. The most universal two-component mixes for welding carbonaceous constructional and some alloyed by staly. It is universal.
Welding with use of protective welding mix in cylinders is widely used by the western and domestic producers. It is applied both to small household products, and to the largest metalwork.
Electro-gas welding works in purely gas environment in industrially developed countries remained in the past long ago. They were succeeded by multicomponent gas mixes of the improved structure. The mixes based on argon, Gely and other technical gases are applied to full protection of an arch. Experiment on use of gas mixes showed: gas mixes on the indicators increase final quality of connection by analogy with pure gases. In addition, use of GS automatically reduces prime cost of finished goods and a kapitalozatrata for works.
Carrying out the majority of electrowelding works requires today use of welding mix which price exceeds the traditional environment of protective gases only a little. The best welding mix in cylinders, on the basis of argon is considered. Such welding mix in cylinders consists for 82% of argon and for 18% of carbon dioxide. Use of welding mixes on the basis of argon instead of traditional carbonic acid, will allow to increase significantly quality of welding without modernization of the equipment and change of technologies.

Advantages of welding mix in cylinders
Advantages of welding mix in cylinders which basis is made by argon are obvious:
• welding productivity for a unit of time is much bigger, in comparison with traditional welding;
• losses of electrode metal on spraying decrease by 80%;
• the number of sticking of splashes around a welded seam decreases owing to what labor input of their removal decreases;
• depth of a provar of a seam increases that leads to the bigger durability of designs;
• stability of process of welding increases;
• quality of a welded seam leads to decrease in porosity of metal and reduction of nonmetallic inclusions;
• working conditions improve;
• health of the welder remains;
• the general economy of means makes not less than 15 - 20%.
One of important factors why many enterprises do not use gas mixes in the production is the difference in the price between a cylinder of carbonic acid and a cylinder of argon. However, as shows experience, use of gas by production, as a rule, bears very small percent in a total amount of prime cost, but allows to increase significantly the speed of a production cycle, and also quality of products.
Gas cutting is traditional technology of the processing of metals which proved in many industries. At this type of cutting metals are processed by mix of oxygen and combustible gases. Process results from chemical and thermal influence and is based on special property of alloys and metals. They heat up to burning temperature in the area of a section and are liquefied in a stream of pure oxygen, and the stream along with it deletes combustion products. The choice of structures for cutting depends on characteristics of materials which need to be processed.
This type of cutting is applied on the traditional gas-welding equipment in which instead of a welding torch cutting is established. It gives mix of gases for heating of metal and oxygen for its burning.
The modern technology of gas cutting allows to carry out figured cutting of a sheet of steel which thickness reaches 200 mm. Advantages of use of gas-oxygen cutting are obvious when cutting of sheet metal which thickness exceeds 100 mm is necessary.
Regulations of Admission of an exchange container:
• residual pressure is obligatory
• the cylinder has to be certified
• the gate is serviceable
In case of discrepancy of a container the specified parameter, the cylinder is subject to repair.

Brand:Center of Welding Technologies
Country of manufacture:Uzbekistan
Information is up-to-date: 19.05.2022

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