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Welding head of P600 CRC-Evans

Welding head of P600 CRC-Evans
  • Welding head of P600 CRC-Evans
  • Welding head of P600 CRC-Evans
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Country of manufacture:United States

The automatic machine for welding is intended by the melting electrode in the environment of protective CRC-Evans P600 gas for welding of all layers of a seam of not rotary ring butt connections of pipes. For installation of a welding head on a pipe the directing belts (bandages) on concrete diameter are used. There are directing belts of various designs allowing to establish a head on a pipe without isolation and with various types of insulating covering.

Use of the two-arc automatic machine allows to carry out welding filling and facing layers at the same time two arches. Welding of the filling layers usually is carried out in the way 2 layers for 1 pass. Welding of a facing layer is usually carried out in 2 rollers.

As welding sources modern digital welding Fronius TPS-3200 inverters are used.

  • possibility of welding by the melting electrode a wire of continuous section in the environment of protective gases (GMAW, GMAW-P) of a provolokama with a diameter from 0,9 mm (.035) to 1,14 mm (.045);
  • digital input and management of the welding modes;
  • system of automatic tracking a torch departure;
  • system of automatic tracking cutting;
  • possibility of input of the modes depending on spatial situation on a pipe;
  • conclusion of the modes of welding in real time for the digital display or record in internal memory with the set step;
  • the gas valve with a possibility of connection of 2 types of protective gas;
  • strong and reliable design;
  • possibility of copying of the modes of welding between automatic machines;
  • protection of the modes of welding against changes by a digital key.
Complete set

Are included in the package:

  • 2 automatic welding heads of P600 for welding clockwise (CW) and counterclockwise (CCW);
  • 2 consoles of management with the giving mechanisms, cases for installation of coils with a wire, controllers for management of welding sources and gas valves, power supply units 110-220B;
  • 4 gas reducers with heating on 220B;
  • sets of cables and gas hoses;
  • 2 blocks of cooling of welding torches.
Technical characteristics
Length is 24,5 inches (622 mm)
Width of 14,5 inches (368 mm)
Height of 15,5 inches (393 mm)
Weight is 39 pounds (17,7 kg)
The torch course on a vertical axis 2 inches (50,8 mm)
Food of a head 36B
Frequency of fluctuations of a torch of 0 - 220 min.-1
Amplitude of fluctuations of a torch 0 - 2" (0 - 50,4 mm)
Delay time on edges 0 - 2,0 sec.
Adjustment of an angle of installation of a torch ± 10 °
Speed of giving of a wire 100 - 625 inch/min. (254 - 1588 cm/min.)
Welding speed 5 - 60 inch/min. (0,127 - 1,52 m/min)
Accuracy of the sensor of spatial provision of a head ± 1 °
The possibility of connection of the accumulator 24B of a welding tractor for food of a head Is
The volume of cooling liquid on one head 2 gallons (7,87 l)
Operation temperature from - 40 °C to + 70 °C
Compatible Fronius TPS-3200 power supplies
Service life is unlimited and makes not less than 6 years
Country of manufacture:United States
Information is up-to-date: 05.06.2024

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